6.12.2009 | Friday

Where’s the bubble wrap?!

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I’m having,… a day!
Ever have one of those days when you should have started the day by putting in ear plugs, and wrapped yourself in bubble wrap?  I think it probably started when I inadvertantly tried to color my right contact black with my liquid eyeliner at 0630.  It was an interesting look, but not one I would generally recommend.  It is, however, painful enough that it made my worst labor seem like a day at the spa.  I did use some rather colorful and descriptive language that would have made a biker blush.  I ended up with some very beautiful black streaks ALL over my face, and since Gothic Domestic Goddess was NOT the look I was going for, a hearty face scrub and a do over was necessary.  This time I managed to get through almost the entire makeup process without incident, probably because the offending eyeliner was no longer part of the process.  But that of course, I couldn’t get through it with no incident at all, because that would just be TOO easy.  As I placed lip liner to lips, in crashed Ty, scaring the living hell out of me, which, of course, caused my hand to jerk and the lip liner to go up my nose.  Again, not very comfortable.  But at least it didn’t require a do ever, just hysterical sneezing.  Fabulous.

And that was just the beginning.  Moments after the last of my ankle biters delightful children left for school, I headed to the kitchen for my second cup of life’s blood coffee.  1st stop, the fridge for cream.  No problem.  2nd stop, the coffee maker.  No problem.  I turned to head back to my living room.  Problem.  Specifically, a motherf*&king Matchbox car.  Under my bare foot.  Complete with sharp edges.  Ouch.  The resulting jumping about in pain, all while holding a big mug of hot coffee, did not end well for me.  Being the graceful ballerina that I am, I managed to lose my balance and drop my mug.  Which fell directly on my foot.  My injured one.  Spilling boiling hot coffee all over said foot.  All of which allowed me to, for the second time this morning, to show off my amazing linguistic skills, in multiple languages.  Not that anyone was around to hear or be impressed by those skills.  But the important thing is not the burns and welts on my foot or even the wasted coffee.  The important thing is that my fave mug didn’t break.  Yay, me.  Who cares about 3rd degree burns?!

A good military cry,…
I saw this vid on YouTube this morning and it was really good, although I could have used a box of tissues just to get through it. 


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