6.25.2009 | Thursday

Up way too early for no good reason.

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The first day of summer vacation and I am up at 0700.  What is up with that BS?!  Dedication to my eldest, apparently, who had to be at his friend Ashley’s at 0830, a destination he very nearly did NOT make.  Why?  Because of the usual arrogant, condescending attitude that I have to deal with on an almost daily basis.  :pissedoff:  It started out as just little things, things that didn’t need to be blown up into anything more.  But it was the snotty attitude I got when the little things were pointed out.  THAT is what really ticked me off.  It was overdone and not necessary and thoroughly disrespectful.  I just don’t think it is necessary to respond to every question or comment with snottiness.  Nor do I think it is necessary to talk to me like I am a dog with a learning disability.  Sometimes I just want to ram my head against the wall, but that never really works for me, for two reasons.  One is that I don’t like the resulting bruise and pain, and the second is that ramming my own head seems like I am getting punished twice, and that just doesn’t work for me.  But I can’t ram his head against a wall, so I am stuck with just feeling like a miserable bitch.  Which I do.  Most of the time. 

If the unmitigated snottiness wasn’t enough, there was his total lack of understanding of why I was less than pleased with him.  No recognition whatsoever of what I was talking about.  So instead of trying to be objective, he responded with either condescending remarks or looks that clearly stated that he thought I was either a blithering idiot or hopelessly insane.  Apparently, the thought that I might actually have a point never occurred to him.  Because nothing will endear you to your mother more than treating her like she is a complete dolt unworthy of basic respect.

I have given the same lectures so many times now that I bore even myself.  When I feel the need for a lecture bubbling up and my frustration level rises, I feel the possibility of an aneurysm coming on.  And the potential risk to my health isn’t even worth it because he takes them to heart as much as the dry wall would.  Fabulous.

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