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This & That, and pictures, too!

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My kindergarten graduate!
I am so glad there is waterproof mascara, because I SO needed it for graduation! It wasn’t just a kindergarten ceremony this year; they had a “moving on” ceremony for the 5th graders because they are all headed to the Middle School next year. So the littles were walked down the aisle by 5th graders and led to their spots on the risers on stage. It was really cute to see the big kids taking care of the littles! And my kid was THAT kid, the one that is silly and everyone giggles at. The moment that boy hit the stage, he robo-walked to his spot. It was hysterically funny! When they called his name to come to the front of the stage to receive his Awesome Artist Award, little man robo-walked his way up there, further amusing the crowd! Later on, there was a section in the ceremony that I had been stressing about for a few weeks prior. Each kid was brought up to the microphone and they have to introduce themselves and tell everyone what they want to be when they grow up. Ty is so self-conscious sometimes with strangers because of how he talks, and I was afraid of how he would handle it. But he robo-walked up there and said loudly and proudly “My name is Tyler Deister, and I want to be a fireman!” I was more proud at that moment than I can even explain! Here are some pics from graduation, all of which are clickable for larger views and captions!

My little guy is a kindergarten graduate!The Fowler Elementary kindergarten class of 2009!One of the recipients of the Awesome Artist Award!My graduate, telling the world he wants to be a fireman!

Father’s Day events
The kids and I headed to Potsdam to have a Father’s Day dinner with my dad. As I was running around, trying to get everyone ready to go, I managed to slam my right hand in the door. So now it is sporting various shades of black, is lumpy and swollen and hurts like hell. Because of it, I managed to get Donovan, who is NOT a fan of driving, to drive us the whole way there AND back. And his grandmother got him to drive Dad in his car to and from the restaurant through town. An amazing feat! We went to the local Chinese place for dinner, which turned out to be an adventure in pain for me. They led us in, but hadn’t listened to how many people we had, so they took us to a table for 8,… and there were 10 of us. So, they led us to a different part of the restaurant around the corner. As I turned the corner, one of the waitresses barrelled around it pushing a HUGE bussing cart. She wasn’t even looking where she was going,… until she met with resistance. Which would be my body. The bin on the top buried itself in my solar plexus and totally knocked the wind out of me. To add insult to injury, she ran the thing over my foot,… my bad foot. I almost threw up right then and there from the pain. It was one of those moments when the entire restaurant witnessed it and, in one voice, went “OOOH” in that sympathetic, “that must have hurt” voice. Which it did. So much that I was naseous and barely ate a thing.

But life went on and we headed back to their house for dessert and gifts. My stepsisters baby daddy brought Kai over to see me, so I did a LOT of nephew cuddling! Which also means that my camera was in use,… as you can see below. All clickable for larger views and captions!

My stepbrother CJ and his nephew Kai! Gotta love a tattooed, pierced guy & a baby!Kai baby laughed up a storm all afternoon!

Fowler Elementary Play Day
Every year during the last week of school, Fowler Elementary has a Play Day. They do some activites in the classrooms with the kids and the parents and then they have round-robin games outside. Parents can eat lunch with their kids and play on the playground, and then they have a little talent show in the afternoon. So, I roped Donovan into going with me and we spent the day at school. They gave parents coffee and donuts in the library, which was definately needed, although the coffee could have stripped paint! Then they sent us to the classrooms for a reading activity with the kids. Donovan went to Scott’s room and I went with Ty. Then it was outside for fun and games! During which I managed to forget to use the sunscreen on myself and I now look like a blonde tomato! Very sexy! Pics below!

Scott, mentally preparing for tug-of-war!The tug-of-war stud, posing for pictures!The tug-of-war war face!Scott and his brute force!The hula hoop game! The kids had to pas the hoops aound while holding hands!The ball relay!  I could NOT have done this myself!PULL! PULL!  PULL!Ty getting ready to be the anchor, the littlest kid!Kindergarten Power!  They were BRINGIN' it!Having a FABULOUS time!Uh-oh!  The other side is winning!OOOOH!  SCARY war face!Scotty and his friend playing clothespin tag!Ty got his big brother to help out, too!

After lunch, the kids played on the playground until the talent show. But a huge part of the playground is roped off and off-limits. Why? Because a local killdeer decided to nest in the middle of it! So it is roped off and the bird and her eggs are surrounded by cones, and no one can play in that area! I have to imagine, as a mother, that that bird is losing her mind with anxiety!! Here are some pics, all clickable!

The playground mascot, in the most inconvenient place!Mrs. Killdeer, who has to be having some serious anxiety issues!

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