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A Hallmark moment was had by all,…

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To set the scene, the classic tunes of the movie Grease were playing in the background, due in large part to the fact that I am a dork and love the movie.  Please don’t hold it against me, or at least, don’t tell me that you do.  But what can I say?  I love a good musical/dance movie.  Sue me.  But I digress.  The point of my little soliloquy is not my questionable taste in music or movies.  We will save that for another time.  The point is the Hallmark moment I had with my eldest son, recently and frequently referred to as Donodrama, due to living with him during those tulmultuous teen years.  Of course, I am pretty sure that he didn’t recognize the moment for what it was, but I think that that is probably because of the presence of testosterone coursing through his system.  Anyway, he just got home last night after 4 days of partying with his two besties, Ashley and Brittney, at camp.  Don’t get too excited, though.  Yes, he was off with 2 girls, but he was chaperoned by Ashley’s mom.  And we all know how mothers of teenage girls are when there is a teenage boy present! 

So, apparently during the course of conversation with his ladies, he finally realized just how much he would be giving up if he left high school this summer and goes to prep school/college next year.  I have been trying to make sure he knew the pros and cons of leaving high school early since this whole process with The Clarkson School began.  But he got so wrapped up in the whole idea of it that he wasn’t seeing the whole picture.  He was so preoccupied with it that he was almost obsessed and that certainly hasn’t helped with the nonstop Donodrama. 

Yes, academically it is a great opportunity.  But the reality is that the school doesn’t have the degree program that he wants.  And, with his grades and his record, he would have no problem getting more scholarships to schools that do.  Leaving high school now, however, elimates the possibility of those scholarships.  The fact is that it really won’t add anything to his future because it really isn’t a leap to anything he wants for himself.

Don’t get me wrong, being driven and focused academically is a good thing.  But it can be overdone if you don’t have balance in your life.  There are other things about school that are important, too, and it isn’t wrong for him to want them.  Going to The Clarkson School means leaving his friends early and all the things that make your senior year memorable.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience all those things, and frankly, I think he needs to.  He has been so focused and driven that he has kind of lost the balance that a kid should have.

That kid is so ambitious and driven that no matter what path he takes to get where he wants to go, he will get there.  I have no doubt of that.  But all of this just leads to THE MOMENT.  The moment where he sat there, Greased Lightning in the background and told me that he wasn’t ready to leave our family and that he finally realized what I have been trying to point out to him all along.  That he wasn’t seeing the whole picture and had gotten obsessed by the fact that he got in.  That was my moment.  The moment when the 100 watt light bulb and the child (insert a choir of angels here) realized,… drum roll, please,… MOM ACTUALLY HAD A POINT AND KNEW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT!  Let me repeat that, with some fancy fonts and formatting,…



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