7.9.2009 | Thursday

How my day started,…

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It was just after 5am, sound asleep in my lovely turquoise bed.  The room was silent but for the sound of two fans, and David Boreanz as Angel on the TV.  Out of nowhere, a scream of immense pain.  I woke up immediately, terrified as to what would possibly cause that kind of pain.  Then I realized,… that scream came from me and it was me who was in horrific pain.  Blood streaming from my nose, a pain in my head like I had been shot.  Slowly I became aware that there were other sounds.  Sounds of crying.  These sounds were NOT from me, but from Ty, sitting on the bed next to me, looking dazed and confused, not unlike a pot head.  His hair was covered in blood.  Still not thoroughly awake, I was unclear as to what had happened and why we looked liked victims of a mugging.  So I asked him.  Apparently, in his sleep Mr. Ty had mistaken me for a mattress, and had flung himself down, his head to my nose, hence the large amounts of blood.  So, over 6 hours later, I still feel like someone took a baseball bat to my face, although fortunately I don’t LOOK it!

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