7.6.2009 | Monday

A little of this and a little of that!

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A whole lotta not much going on,…
The downside of summer vacation is that a whole lot less is going on, which equates to me having a whole lot less to blog about!  Not that the life of a Domestic Goddess is ever all that exciting, but you get the idea!  The upside is that I have actually been getting some sleep lately.  My best sleep doesn’t really start until about 0300, never good when one has to get up at 0530 during the school year.  So I feel like a lady of leisure when I don’t emerge from my boudoir until 1000 or later.  Of course, once I emerge, the harsh reality of children, laundry and cleaning bitch slaps me across the face.

Back in a day,…
This next week will be like reliving my past!  Tonight I am meeting my friend Joe at Sergi’s, THE pizza hangout in Potsdam.  I haven’t seen him in about 21 years, or spoken to him until a couple months ago via Facebook.  And Saturday is my friend Selina’s wedding and there will be a bunch of people there that I haven’t seen in forever.  My friend Jerry will be there and I haven’t seen him since I was 24.  And Joel will be there, and that will be interesting.  Joel is an ex-boyfriend who is now my cousin, thanks to his mom marrying into the family!!  My high school reunion, a year late, is also Saturday night, so I will get to see a whole bunch of people from back in a day.  Fun!

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