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From dance to camou,…

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From dance to tears,…
Ok, so I watch So You Think You Can Dance.  It is my guilty pleasure.  No one dies in it, there is no war, no worries.  Besides, I love dance, in all of its forms.  But not often does a piece actually move me to tears.  Last night, they did a piece about breast cancer.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the end of it.  It was danced by Melissa and Ade and choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  The song is This Woman’s Work by Maxwell.  Beautiful!


My baby isn’t a baby anymore,…
Yesterday the Army recruiter called, looking for Donovan.  Part of our deal was that, while exploring his options for his future, he would talk to at least the Army recruiter.  With the economy as it is today, the military could be the means to his end, a good college education.  So we made an appointment with the recruiter and we go to meet him on Tuesday in Watertown.  You would think, being an Army vet and an Army wife, that I would take these things in stride.  But I guess the Mama side is taking over the vet side for the moment.  All of a sudden it hit me that my baby isn’t my baby anymore.  Somehow, talking to a recruiter and all that means just brought it home for me.  It was one thing, talking about colleges and all of that.  But this is the military, not always a walk in the park.  And my baby is old enough to be considering it.  Just where the hell has time gone that I am old enough to have a kid ready for this?  It used to be ME doing the military thing and now my child is considering it?!  And the thought of both my husband AND my kid deployed.  Holy shit.

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