7.22.2009 | Wednesday

Where’s my zen?!

category: Daily Drama, Family Stuff

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After the trauma of having to deal with the testosterone-fueled drama of my middle two children ALL FREAKIN’ DAY yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling the need for some zen.  However, my morning plans really didn’t fit in with that.  Donovan had a facial & hair cut appointment this morning at 0900 and I had to get my brows waxed.  Neither of those activities really equates to zen time for me.  For one thing, I wasn’t the one getting the facial.  No, instead I was getting the hair ripped off of my eyes after the application of hot wax.  Hardly zen-like.  Then there was the waiting around for Donovan to be beautified.  Also not all that zen-like.  Then coming home to children who are fighting,… DEFINATELY not zen-like.  So, I broke out the Nag Champa incense and the Nag Champa perfume oil and I am desperately try to fool myself into thinking I shall find some zen,…

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