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My life in pictures,…

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Our trip to the Rennaissance Festival,…

We headed to the Sterling Rennaissance Festival last Saturday and had lots of fun! All the pictures below are clickable for larger views and captions.

It was Highland Games weekend at the faire, so most of the events had a Scottish flair to them, including the log tossing contest below, which we watched while waiting for the joust.

The Highland Games!

The joust is always a favorite thing to do at the faire. They really work up the crowd and add comedy in, too.

Our knight, after being battered by his enemy!Our champion, Sir Orin!One of our enemy knights!The master of the joust, who was hysterical!The jousting knights!

Right next to the jousting field, there was a small bird pavilion with some really beautiful birds.

A big beautiful owl!A beautiful and TALKATIVE bird!Another beautiful owl!

The favorite part of the faire for the youngest three was definately the rides. I think I would have lost my lunch on them, but they had fun!

Getting on the Carouselo!Ty on the Carouselo!Getting on the Sea Dragon!Riding the Sea Dragon!This guy DEFINATELY knew the timing of the dragon with the tricks he did around it!Getting on the barrell ride!Riding the barrell!

Some random pics around the faire,…

The wandering jester!The Goddess bench with the maiden, the mother, and the crone!Me and my guys!The entrance to the faire!Donovan and his new minstrel hat!

Our mini-vacay to camp,…

We spent Monday and Tuesday at the camp on the river that my dad and stepmom rented and had a lot of fun playing in the river.

Donovan's self-portrait as we began our journey!Uncle Tripp and the kids, playing in the river!Ty, on an errand for his uncle.  Lovely!Ty looks entirely too happy!The first catch of the day!Playing with the sparklers by the river!Grandpa Vern and his ever present camera!My dad, taking a pic of me, as I take one of him!Sparkly pics!Is the boy stoned?!Watching Uncle Michael play!

Some random pics of varying weirdness of my children,…

Noelani and Ka'lani,... looking comfy!Donovan is looking hot,... in my bra!A future blackmail photo!Bologna as an artistic medium!This is what I saw when I came up the hill!A future supermodel?!

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