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Maybe I am just being overly cynical and suspicious.  I don’t know.  I guess it is hard to guage the attitude and motivation behind an online conversation, especially when that conversation is with someone you haven’t seen since they were very young and therefore hardly know.  But the whole tone of the conversation just kind of put me off.  The situation itself is awkward as hell, but she had nothing directly to do with how it got that way, more just guilty by association.  When she approached me online, I will admit, I was suspicious as hell, and sent a message asking some questions I felt I not only needed to ask, but was entitled to ask.  The answers I got to my questions satisified me, so I accepted.  And since then, I have tried to be friendly and remember that she had no part in the situation.  But yesterday, I got a message from her, demanding that now that she had answered my questions, I add her.  I kinda thought that was a little aggressive, but I wrote back, telling her I already had added her.  Then today, she IM’d me and wanted to see some specific pictures, which I had no problem with.  I guess it was the demands that got to me.  There was no “please”, no “thank you”, no appreciation.  The fact is, whether or not she had anything to do with the situation at hand, I owe none of them anything at all.  It took a real leap of faith for me to allow even this.  And I don’t want to think that there is anything else behind this than what she says.

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  1. Challenge741


    I think you should be suspicious and I don’t think that I would trust what she “says”. You said you didn’t want to think there was anything behind what she says, however, I would really worry about what she has that she ISN’T telling. People who do a lot of demanding have alterier motives! Its just that simple. And believe me, people suck sometimes!

    Be careful with this person. She sounds like she has hidden agendas.

    Good luck!

  2. I would be suspicious. I mean, other than the fact she didn’t directly have anything to do with the situation, she is associated to the people who are. You don’t owe her anything, and if it were me, I would tell her that.


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