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As the summer ends,…

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It’s still August, but is definately feels like fall is here already.  Summer weather didn’t even really hit until the end of it and now it is getting cold!  WTH?!  This was the last full week of school for my yard apes, since they start back next Thursday.  Ka’lani has his middle school orientation on Monday morning :meeting:, they get their “back to school” haircuts on Tuesday :mohawk:, and Ka’lani starts modified cross-country practice Wednesday afternoon. Then it is up at 0530 for me starting Thursday!!  Oh, yay! 

Corey flies back to Afghanistan at the butt crack of dawn on Monday.  15 days just goes by too damn fast.  R&R is almost too much of a tease, especially for the kids.  No sooner do they get used to having him home and he has to go back for months on end.  That is hard on a kid.  Although, it never ends up being quite as hard as I always expect it to be.  I guess that comes with being used to it.  We have a routine and we stick to it, which helps give them that sense of consistency and normalcy.  Plus it helps that school starts right after he leaves, which makes for a good distraction.

And that is about all that is going on around here!

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