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This and that,…

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0530 will come too fast,…
Tomorrow is the first day of school which means the start of the wickedly early alarms for me!  Worse, it means the start of daily wars with Donovan and Ty in an effort to get them the hell out of bed in the morning.  Let’s just say that saying that these two are less than cheerful in the morning is an extreme understatement!  I think I would rather arm wrestle a hungry alligator most mornings!  Neither of them are seemingly capable of moving with a purpose either, which means lots of nagging from me, which is suprisingly not a lot of fun for me!  I think they both need daily early morning IV injections of caffeine and happy meds.

But the first day of school ALSO means several hours of semi-silence, if you ignore the nonstop pounding of the kids that live above me and the nonstop booming bass of her music that starts at 0700 every morning.  It means being able to clean my house and have it stay that way for a few hours.  A small thing, but when you are a Domestic Goddess, it means something! 

Soldier Daddy update,…
Well, he called me yesterday afternoon and had arrived in Kuwait.  He has no idea when he is going to actually be able to get out of there, however.  Kuwait is sort of a central point for soldiers going in and out of both Afghanistan and Iraq, so it is a pretty high traffic area.  There is apparently a bit of a backup in getting soldiers back to the war.  He doesn’t know if the backup is in Kuwait and soldiers going to Iraq are affected as well, or if the backup is at Bagram in Afghanistan.  So, there he sits, boiling in the hot Kuwaiti sun, awaiting word on when he will be able to fly.  Sometimes I think the waiting is almost worse than actually getting back to it and getting back into the groove.  :(

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3 responses to “This and that,…

  1. Ah yea the morning battles. Cam usually does pretty well the first few days than the war begins. It’s more or less a battle of wits with him though. The moment he sees my face turn twenty different shades of red from frusteration he caves. Eitherway – good luck with the a.m start and I’m sorry to hear about Corey being stuck. It’s nice to be in *semi* touch with you again. *Cheers*!

  2. Hey there sweetness!! Ya for school to start! It started on Aug. 25th here (NC) and up in IL. Donovan will be 17 on Sept 11th? Jaiden will be 7 on Sept 10th and Christian will be 16 on Nov. 11th!! They sure grow quickly, eh?


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