9.5.2009 | Saturday

What the hell is wrong with people?!

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I hopped on to Facebook this morning, hoping for a little stress-free playing around, only to be greeted with a message from an immature idiot who apparently needs to get a life.  This idiot, despite their own issues that have landed them in all kinds of legal trouble already, whether directly or indirectly involved with the actual sending of this message, probably should know better at this point.  This person doesn’t even know me, although apparently he does know my brother.  His only issue with me is that I am close friends with his ex.  The message was completely harrassing, both to me and to my friend, and thoroughly libelous.  He thinks he is such a big man, but he is a complete coward in my opinion.  She is the mother of his child, as well as mother to two others, but he has had no problem being both emotionally and physically abusive to her, sometimes in front of the children.  This is a guy who has sent his friends to harrass and humiliate her on numerous occasions, and even has his mother doing it, too.  The authorities have been involved on numerous occasions, and he still hasn’t learned.  They haven’t been together in some time, and supposedly he is involved with someone else now.  So, LET IT GO!  And to get on Facebook to anonymously send messages like this?  It is just juvenile and cowardly.  If you are so big and tough, stand behind the things you have to say.  Don’t hide behind anonymous names, your friends, or your mommy.  Grow up and stop harrassing everyone and take responsibility for your own behavior for once in your miserable life.  And please,… next time try not to go after one of your friend’s sisters, who also happens to be a lawyer’s daughter.  Bad move, d-bag.

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3 responses to “What the hell is wrong with people?!

  1. I really hate cowards like that too.. I hope your friend can find a way to block him so she doesn’t have to put up with it any more.

    Ok, love this design… where are you getting these great layouts????

  2. Like real life isn’t stressful enough that one can’t go on the computer to relax and enjoy themselves, but have to deal with more stress. Oi Vey! I hope it all works out, sweets. Have you been crocheting lately? I am working on a fall afghan and will post pictures when I get a chance. I have to use Alex’s computer since mine is SCREWED. :poop: My WoW downloader has been causing it to crash and now I keep getting the blue screen of death every time I boot it up. *sigh*:reallypissed:


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