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Dragging ass & WordPress blues,…

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Bleary-eyed & dragging ass,…
Blah.  That is the basic intelligence level I have got going on at the moment.  I think it is going to take at least 2 more cups of coffee before I really achieve any kind of actual thought process.  To say I didn’t get much sleep would be putting it mildly!  It takes me forever to fall asleep anyway, which doesn’t really help the whole getting enough rest thing.  I finally fell asleep after midnight, mid-Conan, only to be woken up by the phone at 0100.  It was Corey, who finally made it to Afghanistan, although he still has to catch a helo to his FOB.  We weren’t even on the phone long, but it was more than long enough to get me WIDE AWAKE!  By the time I fell asleep again, it was after 0330, not a good thing when my alarm was set for 0530!  It took a great deal of willpower to drag my ass out of bed this morning!  Thank the Goddess for coffee!

WordPress blues,…
I love WordPress for my blog, really I do!  I love the versatility of it and all the things you can do with it.  What I DON’T like are the random errors that sometimes come with it.  I can deal with the occasional plugin errors and template errors; those I can generally fix.  What I am having issues with are the random errors that come up in my admin panel.  My current issue is with my “Add New” post area.  I have a plugin that inserts buttons for inserting media from sites like YouTube, etc.  It works both in the html editor and the visual one,… usually.  I have had it awhile and have never had an issue.  Now I have no buttons in the visual editor, but they work in the html editor.  I did install a new theme yesterday and I frankly have no clue if the buttons were there before that or not, although I don’t know how a theme could affect that.  Although, the theme is one that is mostly CSS-based and you do most of the editing through the admin panel.  My little smileys button is missing, too, and I just used that a couple days ago.  I have also always been able to switch back and forth between the visual and html editors with no problem and now all of a sudden I can’t.  And I know I could do that before the  Ahimsa theme.  I love that theme, but what a pain in the ass this is!  Just frustrating.  I wish someone would come up with some kind of high speed plugin that would scan your WordPress installation and find all the errors for you, explain them in plain English and either fix them for you, or give you guidance on how to fix them.  Giving me an error message that tells me I have an error in line whatever does me no good whatsoever, since Notepad and WordPad wrap lines completely differently!

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