9.10.2009 | Thursday

Drama, drama, drama!

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Well, it appears that my drama-loving “friend” was not directly responsible,… this time.  Somebody else that knows of me through them supposedly used their account to send the incriminating message to my other friend.  Whatever.  Supposedly they found out about it after the fact, but didn’t do a damn thing about it.  That makes you complicent.  Nor would it be the first time.  Whatever.

What is it with people and their neverending need to start drama for no real reason?  There isn’t a single thing to be gained from it, at least in this situation, other than the possibility of seeing someone suffer.  What the hell kind of person must you be for that to be your motivation?  I found out that a “friend” recently copied my friends list on Facebook, deleted all the female names, and is now trying to figure out who each and every male is on it and what their relationship to me is.  They even sent a message to a close friend of mine on Facebook that they don’t even KNOW!  WTH?  Really?  You have nothing better to do with your time than to try to mess with me and my marriage?  When I found out, I actually cracked up!  It is so completely stupid and juvenile that you just have to laugh about it.  I did decide to take offensive route, however.  So, I copied my own list, deleted the females, and notated each and every male on it with all the information they were so desperately trying to get,… and emailed it to them.  I have nothing to hide, so I thought I would save them the time and effort so that they would leave my real friends alone on Facebook.

But talk about a dead end mission for them, even without my assistance!  What they haven’t managed to figure out yet is that they have zero chance of getting me in trouble.  For one thing, I am an open book with my husband.  Yes, I have several ex-boyfriends and even an ex-husband on my friends list.  And Corey knows about every one of them and he has absolutely no problem with it.  For another, there has been so much previous drama going on, that my husband wouldn’t believe a damn thing they told him in the first place!  So, either way, it is a wasted effort.  You would think that they would realize this, grow up, and cut the BS.  Life is too short to waste on crap like this.

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2 responses to “Drama, drama, drama!

  1. tana

    wow talk about cyber bullying that sucks!! i am sorry that you have a bad person after you like that. i think it is really cool that you are so quick to think and able to see things so clearly when ur annoyed. i hope this teaches this person to just leave you alone since there is nothing to find anyways i think ur really friendly and it is just messed up to do to a nice person. hope ur day gets tons better and karma comes and bites them in the ass! :)

  2. Oh just admit you’re ho. *Snorts* Some people have so much time on their hands that they fill it with making others miserable. You’re a good girl – just poke this person in the eye and move on. *Cheers* :rotfl:


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