9.16.2009 | Wednesday

Oh, what a night!

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The Story of the Amazing Goose Boy
Once upon a time, there was a boy named Scott*. Scott suffered from fall allergies, an inheritance unwittingly given to him by his mother, the lovely Kim. Once fall hit in earnest, Scott began to occasionally cough, sounding much like a Canadian goose with a cigarette habit. Because of this cough, Kim began to buy Halls cough drops at a rate that probably made her the big market for the company. Long about 8pm on Tuesday night, Scott’s goose impression began to increase in frequency, causing the lovely Kim to decide that Scott would not be attending school today. No children would be entertained by his goose antics, and no teachers horrified at the thought of the germs flying about. So, Scott headed to bed at 10pm, his head full of thoughts of no school the next day. The lovely Kim also went to bed, watching Conan as she fell asleep. At 0100, the lovely Kim was awakened by the most horrible noise. It sounded like a herd of Canadian geese had entered her room and were performing caberet in front of her bed. I don’t recommend it as a form of entertainment. Turned out, the geese really weren’t there, being simply a figment of the lovely Kim’s sleep ridden brain. It was Scott, hyperventilating and honking with every breath. So the lovely Kim packed him up, woke up Donovan to be in charge, and headed to the ER. It turns out that Scott has a rather nasty viral infection and upper respiratory infection, requiring steroids to help him breathe. So the lovely Kim has company during the school day for the remainder of the week.

(*names and identifying details were not changed to protect the innocent*)

The wilds of Gouverneur
I felt like I was on a safari this morning when I went to the drugstore, less than a mile away, round trip.  The wild ones were out in force!  In just that mile, I saw 1 rabbit, 1 groundhog, 2 skunks, 1 racoon, 2 deer, 1 bevy of wild turkeys, 2 quail, 1 pheasant, multiple crows, and a veritable herd of Canadian geese.  What the hell?!  ♥

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  1. I so loved your story. You should write more often! *Snickers* When I took my brother home on (crap I forgot the road name) – well anyways – this road that leads right into Groovy Gouvey – is always packed with wildlife. Most of the time I wish my car had a bubble around it so they would just bouce off if they walked out in front of me. Anywoot – good luck with your goose problemo. *hugs*


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