9.17.2009 | Thursday


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I have been trying to post a blog all day long, but I haven’t gotten beyond the first two sentences.  I am thoroughly on a bitch roll at the moment and pretty much just pissed off at life in general, which doesn’t really lend itself to an engaging read, huh?  And I am completely sick of feeling this way, but I don’t seem to be able to fake it as well as I usually can.  So here I am, frustrated as hell and in need of an outlet, but totally beyond capable of putting it into words.  I am just tired of dealing with inconsiderate people and other assorted bullshit.  I am tired of being treated like I am an idiot, especially by the very same people who constantly come to me for help.  I am tired of being attacked for stupid reasons.  I am tired of being told that, while I am doing nothing wrong, it is up to me to change to accomodate others.  That is such a cop out.  I have to change who I am, when the situation at hand has nothing to do with me doing anything wrong, just to make easier for those who continually treat me like crap?  Why should I have to change who I am, just so they don’t have to grow up and take responsibility for themselves?! 

Blah.  Venting a little today, and a lot last night, has definately NOT improved my mood or my outlook on life.  Blah.

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  1. Wow – I’ll just copy & paste this into my blog. You just wrote my life out in your journal. Cheer up lady and people really irk you – kick ’em in the head. :beatup:


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