10.2.2009 | Friday

Reading & Sneezing!

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I finally finished all the library books I had out so I can now read A Twisted Ladder by Rhodi Hawk.  I went to DLI in 1990 with her, for Polish, so when I ran across her book on Amazon, I was beyond excited to get it!  She was an incredibly sweet and smart person, so I have no doubt that the book will be great.  It is in the genre of Southern gothic thriller, so I am all about it!

Allergies suck!
Thank goodness no one else in this house was sick to day because I am functioning at the intellectual level of an amoeba at the present moment.  I feel like walking hell!  I don’t get bad allergy attacks often, but when I do, I do it in style.  I started out the morning with great hair, great makeup and feeling semi-okay.  That last for about 40 minutes,… right up until I finished the makeup.  Then the watery eyes and the incessant sneezing began.  And navy blue liner does NOT look stylish when running in streams down one’s cheeks!  It was so very much NOT hot.  So off it came, and with it, my contacts & my nose ring.  I am going to look like Rudolf by the end of the day!  Hot, huh?!  I took a Benedryl and now I feel like I completely stoned!  And NOT in a good way!  I take a single pill, which is half an adult dose and I still am loopy.  Very nice.  So, in short, I can’t be held responsible for any nonsense that you may read here today!

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