10.3.2009 | Saturday

Domestic Bliss

category: Daily Drama

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Blah!  I got up way too early for a Saturday morning!  Donovan and Ka’lani had a cross country meet at Beaver River this morning so they had to be at the school by 0750.  So the Mama had to be up by 0640 in order to get them both up and showered and fed before leaving.  Bleck.  No sooner did I get home from dropping them off and I realized that Donovan had forgotten to take the money out of my purse to feed himself and Ka’lani on the way home.  So I turned immediately around to head back, only to discover that they had already left.  AARRGGHH!  Oh, well, not much I can do about that.  So here I am, doing non stop laundry.

I swear that my laundry procreates,without protection, on an hourly basis in my laundry room.  How is it possible that I do laundry every day, multiple loads, and still have loads and loads reappearing each and every day?!  Holy crap!  IT JUST NEVER ENDS!  The joys of being a mother to 4 boys, I suppose.

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