10.7.2009 | Wednesday

My birthday boy!

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Happy birthday, Ty-man!
My baby is 6 years old today, although it definately doesn’t seem possible! I still remember the day I had him like it was yesterday. I was scheduled to be induced at 0600, so at 0530 I was at my girl Stacy’s front door with Scotty so he could stay with her while I was having Ty. Stacy’s husband Rob had been my XO and she was by my side during my whole pregnancy because Corey was deployed for most of it, lucky man! As it turned out, I was already having contractions 5 minutes apart, although they really weren’t all that strong. Finally, at 1315, after a decidedly painful labor, Ty made his debut in the world.

The moment of his birth was also when we discovered that he was born with a cleft lip & palate. I was a complete basket case for several days, caught completely unaware. I remember the guilt I felt, that mother’s guilt, that it was somehow my fault that he was facing a future of surgeries because he had been in MY body. But we had a wonderful team of craniofacial specialists who set my mind at ease and cared for my beautiful boy!

And here we are today, in 1st grade, as smart, happy, well-adjusted, and funny as any mother could hope for! He has such an outgoing crazy personality when he is feeling good about himself and he definately uses humor as his weapon. I can’t wait to see the man he becomes! I love you, Ty!

My Ty, always being crazy!

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