10.8.2009 | Thursday

Adventures in mothering boys,…!

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There are some things, as a mother, that remain over my head and dealing with morning wood is one of them.  My little guy has recently discovered this phenomena and it is,… well,… awkward!  Not having the same plumbing, I am woefully unequipped to deal with said problem!  But it is hard NOT to notice, mainly because of his manner of dealing with the inconvenience.  He generally punches it.  It is pretty hard (no pun intended) not to notice when your child punches himself in the penis repeatedly, sometimes yelling at it to go away and lay down.  And this morning, that was an occasion to remember.  He was standing on the stool in front of the sink in the bathroom brushing his teeth, clad only in his man panties.  I came in behind him and noticed him fumbling about in the general vicinity of the organ in question.  I couldn’t figure out what he was doing so I told him to leave it alone and finish his teeth.  He moved his hand and that is when I realized the problem.  His morning wood had put in an appearance and was preventing him from getting close enough to the sink to spit.  He was trying to push it down so that he could lean forward.  Oh, my.  What do you say to that?  So I showed him how to push and hold it down long enough for him to lean forward and to let it spring free.  Can you say AWKWARD?  Good times! :-D I have also noticed that his morning wood is not just hanging out in the morning, but at various points throughout the day.  I guess he is something of an overachiever?!

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