10.22.2009 | Thursday

Pumpkins & flowers

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Note to self,…
A mug resembling a pumpkin may be cute, but may not be the easiest thing from which to drink the blood of life without dribbling. Yes, I learned that this morning. Fortunately, I managed to just dribble down the chin and not on the clothes! I bought an admittedly cheap mug at the grocery store last night, thinking I could drink my coffee in the spirt of the season. The mug itself is the pumpkin, complete with the bumpy ridges, and the handle is the stem and vine. But trying to drink WITHOUT dribbling takes planning, not something I generally need to do when simply trying to drink my coffee! They say you should learn something new every day, so I think today’s lesson is that, when drinking from a pumpkin mug, drink from the ridges, NOT from between them. That allows you to avoid the admittedly attractive twin rivelets of coffee from either side of the mouth. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Gotta love Soldier Daddy
A couple days ago, Soldier Daddy asked me if he could use the credit card to get something online. I asked him how much and what for, to which he informed me that he couldn’t tell me because it was FOR me. So, of course, I told him to spend as much as he needed. Well, yesterday I received a phone call for him from the local flower shop. I told her that he was in Afghanistan, which was followed by a moment of awkward silence. Apparently, that was my surprise! He had ordered an arrangement, but the flowers necessary they didn’t have so they called to get subsitutions. She felt like a heel, but I thought it was hysterical. So I told her to surprise me! A couple hours later, they were here, complete with a bag with candy in it! I ♥ my Soldier Daddy! Click on the pics to see them larger!

My beautiful flowers! There are roses, carnations, sunflowers and others!!Because he ♥s me

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