11.3.2009 | Tuesday

Early morning giggles & political posses

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Early morning humor,…
Note: Scott and one-liner comebacks don’t usually go together so points to him for that at 0530!!

Mama:  What’s wrong with you this morning, Scotty?  Did you leave your sense of humor on your pillow?

Scott:  No, but I wish my head was on my pillow!

Mama:  Good one!

Upon seeing Ty beat his manly bits,…

Mama:  Ty, stop that.  You are going to hurt yourself.  What’s wrong?

Ty:  My penis hates me.

Mama:  Um, what?!

Ty:  It’s all big and it won’t let me pee.  I HAVE TO PEE!!

Mama:  Um, well, ah,…

There are certain things I just don’t have the answers to.

Watertown, NY,… the next political shiznit?
Watertown was buzzing with celebs and politicians alike yesterday.  Our little old 23rd Dsitrict has captured national attention and they were crawling over H2O-town.  In the Conservative Party corner, we had Doug Hoffman and his posse, which included Jon Rich of Big & Rich fame,  Captain Scott O’Grady (former AF pilot shot down behind enemy lines in Bosnia), and Fred Thompson of both Law & Order fame and a former US Senator from Tennessee.  In the Democratic corner, we had Bill Owens and his posse of one, Vice President Joe Biden, who really doesn’t need a link, huh?!  In the Republican corner, we have,… no one.  Dede Scozzafava dropped out, supposedly because the far right pushed her out because she didn’t conform. 

Some vids of the festivities in H2O-town,…

Hoffman & his posse

Owens & his posse of one

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