11.11.2009 | Wednesday

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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Happy Veteran’s Day to all of my brothers and sisters in uniform!  I also thank the families of all of those in uniform, because without the love and support from family, sometimes that selfless service would be impossible.  And a special thank you to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live with freedom.

Today is one of those days when I very much miss my uniform.  I wish sometimes that I was still standing with my fellow soldiers.  But I will admit, until I got out and became an Army wife, I didn’t give the military families the respect they deserve.  They sacrifice so much for their service member and they do it largely without recognition.  So thank you so much for all you do for our military people.

I got thinking about Veteran’s Day a few days ago and what it meant to me as a former female soldier.  I thought about the women that have come before me and how much I owe to them.  During the American Revolution, women served as nurses, water bearers, and laundresses to the troops.  While not military, they were definately the forebearers to women in uniform.  We have come a long way since then!  I found a great page highlighting the service of women throughout American history HERE.  Go check out!

And, hey, go hug a vet today and say thanks!  Don’t forget to throw some love to Fort Hood, and to our men and women in Iraq, Afghanistan and ALL over the world!

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