11.17.2009 | Tuesday

T-Rex Ty vs. Mamasauraus

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Ty growled and growled at me this morning, earning himself the nickname of T-Rex Ty.  Walking from the bedroom door to the laundry basked is about 12 feet and it tool him 5 stops to growl at me to get there.  He growled throughout his shower, to the entertainment and enjoyment of the rest of us within hearing.  We live in a small apartment, so EVERYONE who was awake could hear him.  He finally got out so Scott could shower and then Phase Two of the T-Rex ‘tude began.  His favorite towel is a Spongebob beach towel which he likes to wrap himself in from head to toe, leaving only his eyes and nose exposed, before sinking to the floor in a huddle.  That is where he generally mumbles to himself and I am pretty sure he is laying a curse on me.  Today, in the manner of all good T-Rex’s, he growled his curses.  You would have thought I was trying to get him to eat cat liver when I tried to get him to stand up and, I don’t know, DRY HIMSELF OFF!  Silly me, thought being dry would help the cold issue!  So finally, being a much bigger dinosaur,… THE MAMASAURUS, I tackled him to the bathroom floor and forcibly dried him.  I am pretty sure that was how it was done in the wild.  Can’t you just see all the mommy ‘saurs running around with Cavebob towels tackling their young?

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