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On mothering boys,…

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Sometimes mothering boys is a lot like running an obstacle course.  You just never know what they are going to throw in your way.  Sometimes it is these crazy off the wall questions that no parenting book EVER covers.  Other times, it is just the insane things they do that leave you thoroughly confused, but that they think are completely rational and normal.  They are so self-assured at those times that it makes you wonder if it is YOU that is a nutter!  And sometimes it is the whining.  There is nothing that raises my blood pressure like kids whining, especially when there is less than no reason for it.  It makes me crazy,… um, craziER!  And then there are the mood swings and attitude.  I frequently have mothers of girls tell me I am lucky, having all boys.  Well, clearly those mothers haven’t lived with my boys.  Because, believe you me, they are supremely capable of all of the snottiness and attitude of an adolescent girl!

It is amazing to me how stupid they sometimes think I am.  I am 39 <gasp> and yet sometimes I am so stupid that I have to have the simplest of things explained to me.  In my career, I have spoken several languages, served a successful Army career, jumped out of airplanes, etc.  But I can’t manage simple things without a child present to explain it to me.  And yet, the moment they need something or need help, who do you think they turn to?  Me, the raging dumb ass.  It’s a paradox and I am confused!

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One response to “On mothering boys,…

  1. Chelly

    Ah yes.. Since Eldest has hit the wonderful teenage years, along with attitudes, I wonder, why on earth they say only females have these mood swings! I have watched a boy change moods in the blink of an eye. He does it so fast, it makes my head spin!

    And the whinning! OMG. But then, Youngest I expect the whinning from, doesn’t make it easier to deal with, especially when you know it will come. Just trying to explain to a child that doesn’t understand that it truly, honestly, is ok to turn a light on (or sometimes off) upon entering (and at times, leaving) a room!

    I have the wonderful mix. I have the girl thrown in, and I would say teenage boy and preteen female are neck to neck on attitude factor!



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