5.12.2010 | Wednesday

Botox & Butterflies

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Botox is not for me!
I have determined that, no matter how wrinkly I may get, botox will never be a part of my life.  How did I discover this?  Last night, while sitting on the couch watching Glee with Donovan and Ashley, something apparently bit me on the left side of my lower lip.  I think it was one of the wannabe ladybugs that swarm northern NY in the spring.  Whatever it was, it hurt like hell and made my lip swell up unattractively within mere moments.  I was numb and swollen from my lip to almost my chin.  So sexy.  Drinking iced tea was an adventure in skill and coordination, so as not to be wearing it.  I thought Cheerios sounded good, but I got about 4 spoonfuls in me before I decided that it hurt too much to male it worth it!!  So, I popped a Benedryl and I am mostly okay again.  I am still a little swollen and a little numb, but I won’t scare small children.  And most importantly, drinking is no longer a gymnastic feat so I can drink coffee to my heart’s content!  ♥

Reusing butterflies!
No, that is not nearly as weird as it sounds.  I have these jeans, cheap ones from WalMart, that started to wear at the side of one of the back pockets not long after I bought them.  Being a crafter and seeing potential for reuse, I tossed them into my “make something out of this crap” pile and there they have sat for several months.  Then yesterday, in a burst of creative thought, I realized that the stitching on the back pocket kind of resembled a butterfly and that I had fabric with butterflies with accent colors in the same goldish color.  I saw a bag in the making!  The thumbnail below is clickable so you can actually see said stitching.

The original back pocket of my old jeans,...

I thought for a moment about stitching in some color between some of the dotted line stitching and the main satin stitching of the design, but decided that would probably be more trouble than it is worth.  So, instead I think I am going to remove the pocket, complete with the part of the jeans it is attached to, using that as seam allowance fabric.  Then I am going to back it with some of the pink fabric (in the clickable thumbnail below) wrong sides together, leaving the top open to form a second pocket attached to the jean one.  When I attach that whole thing to the bag, I am going to add a button to the front of the jean pocket and a tab between the backing fabric and the bag itself to form a closure for the now 2-slotted pocket.  I think I am going to cut long strips out of the jeans to make into handles.  My inspiration for my bag is the canvas boat tote from LL Bean here.  Only mine will be funkier and not made of canvas, although I do use a super heavy interfacing.  I think the butterflies will be the outside of the bag, the pink the lining, and the green will be the accent color for an inside pocket.  Purty!

The butterfly fabric & it's friends,...

And this shall become a purse!

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