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A little mold, a little confusion,…

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My head vs. the mold & mildew
My head hurts so much at the moment that it is making me nauseous.  The mold & mildew in the master bath, courtesy of the poo storm a couple weeks ago, is out of control and is a major contributing factor to the pain in my head AND the constant churning of my stomach.  It is a vicious circle for me, with no end in sight.  I spray the ceiling with mold & mildew cleaner every day and wipe it down which puts me way too close to it and I inhale countless spores of it.  But within hours, it is back in full force and I am still breathing in the spores.  The subfloor of the bathroom floor is probably still wet and I know that my side of it is wet, as is the wood frame of it.  So until that is cleaned and dried properly, or replaced, this is what I have to deal with.  And I shouldn’t have to, not when I am paying rent and not when this is NOT due to any neglect or mistake of ours.  Corey finally got ahold of the Slum Lord on Thursday and spoke to him about it and was reassured that he would call a contractor to fix it.  He told Corey that they would call to arrange a time to come and do whatever they needed to to fix the problem.  Well, here we are a week later and absolutely nothing.  I haven’t heard from anyone.  There is no point in me calling since it is abundantly clear that if you have boobs and ovaries, you are worthless in the eyes of the Slum Lord.  So, it will have to wait until Corey is home from Range Week.  And since that got extended for a day, he won’t be home until late tomorrow, which means nothing until at least Monday morning.  Good times.

Thoroughly baffled
Have you ever been put in a situation with a couple that has left you thoroughly baffled, with both people seemingly wanting you to choose sides?  This is where I find myself and I have no idea what to do about it, other than to refuse to take sides, which is exactly what I have done.  I have been told things on both sides that contradict one another, but a lot of that can be attributed to the fact that there are two stories to every story.  But some of it raises red flags for me, on both sides.  And the things I was told last night have left me floundering.  On one hand, I find a lot of it hard to believe, but on the other hand?  Given the particular circumstance, I can also see how it could be possible.  I don’t know what to think or how to help or what they want from me.  Add to that, I get the impression from both sides that constructive criticism is not appreciated and that if I don’t agree 100% with their particular point of view then I am worthless to them. Both of them have their own view of things and neither really wants to hear the other or anyone else.  Unfortunately, wrongs have been done on both sides and neither one of them wants to admit it.  There are trust issues involved for both of them, legitimately, and that doesn’t help the situation.  I don’t know that I am even really being asked for advice, or if what they both really want is further proof of their “rightness” in the form of my agreement with them.  It doesn’t help either that one of the issues involved is a faith-based matter that I don’t happen to agree with.  So here I am, not knowing what to say or do, with two people pulling at me for “loyalty”.  Unfortunately, their definition of what “loyalty” means differs from my own.  I don’t think loyalty means blindly agreeing with everything someone says, being a “yes” woman.  To me loyalty is about being honest, even when they don’t like what you are saying.  A quandry,…

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One response to “A little mold, a little confusion,…

  1. Hey there. It’s really too bad that you have such a terrible landlord – to bad you can’t move!! It’s too bad those two people are putting you in that position. I don’t think you can do anything except what you are – refusing to take sides and if they can’t understand the spot they put you in is unfair, maybe you are better off away from them. Good luck!!! Have a better day girl!


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