6.8.2010 | Tuesday

Moments & stress

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In just a moment,…
It is amazing how much the outcome of a single moment could potentially change your entire life.  Yesterday, I was in the local Price Chopper, picking up a few things, doing my usual Domestic Goddess duties.  My cell rang and it was Corey.  He was calling to tell me that his brakes had pretty much failed at a stop light, not 100% failure, but close enough.  I stopped hearing him after “my brakes failed at a red light”!  I am pretty sure my heart grasped itself and fell over in a faint.  I stopped hearing the noise of the store for a moment and I pretty much had a nervous breakdown.  When I finally regained my sanity, I got the story.  He had been stopping at a red light and, at first, the brakes wouldn’t fully engage.  They weren’t a complete failure, but it was enough to stop HIS heart.  It was enough to completely stop mine!!  He is perfectly fine and so is the car, but it could have been so different.  That single moment could have turned out so differently, irrevocably changing all of our lives.  It scares me to think about that.  As a soldier’s wife and a former soldier, the thought of losing him is always in the back of my mind with the constant deployments.  But you don’t ever really think about that sort of that thing at home, away from the front.  That single moment worked out okay this time, but it scared the hell out of me.  ♥

And the stress goes on,…
So, in checking my online bank account this morning, I discovered yet another erroneous charge.  This time it appears to be at least a reputable company, $213.99 to Microsoft, paid by one of our cards.  The only problem is that neither Corey nor I purchased anything from Microsoft for a very long time.  Years even.  If then, since everything we need we got bundled!!  So I called the bank and arranged for them to give us our provisional credit, pending investigation.  I have to go in tomorrow morning and sign the paperwork.  This is about the 4th time in a year, the 6th in the last 18 months.  Needless to say, I am pretty sick of it!  This only started a couple years ago, after being notified that my information was among that stolen from Veteran’s Affairs.  I have not only had erroneous charges to my bank account itself, I have had them through PayPal, too.  My old Yahoo email was hacked at the same time, since they were linked.  Even my World of Warcraft account was hacked!  Horror of horrors!  I even got a pretty nasty virus right about the same time.  Enough is enough already, ykwim?!  We are a military family, for Goddess’ sake!  Not exactly flush with the funds, ya know?!  And like I need more stress!!

Good times,…

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