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Soldier Daddy & his two women,…

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I am pretty sure Soldier Daddy is cheating on me.  With the Army, and that bitch gets ALL the love!!  <3  Seriously. it has been insane for the last several months.  We started out the summer with a few weeks of preset training.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking.  “Uh, what?!  Not all of us speak Army, blondie!”  So, I will explain, to the best of my non-UAV ability!!  After deployment, their UAVs are sent away, to that big UAV hanger in the sky or somewhere similar.  Once there, they are recalibrated and other mysterious things.  Upon returning, preset involves getting everybody current through lots and lots of training and practice.  Good times.  That meant a few weeks of CRAZY shifts where Donovan was about the only one of us who ever saw him more than a few minutes a day, only because he stayed up longer than the rest of us and played xBox and Wii with his dad.  Then there were a couple weeks of relative normalcy.  “Normal” is a relative when one is married to the flight guy for the brigade.  Then came the first field exercise.  Being the only UAV platoon in the brigade, they have to support all the other units when they are in the box.  So that meant about 5 weeks of MORE crazy shifts, from days to nights and back again.  I am lucky he managed to get the day off long enough to take Donovan to college, which was Mama Drama in itself!  Moving on, immediately upon ending that field exercise,  the next started.  Once again providing support for all the other units means having a husband is more of a vague concept than a visual reality!  Back to the insane shifts again.  This time it is 12-hour night shifts from 1800-0600.  They were supposed to be off last night so they could be on a day shift today and tomorrow for rehearsal and then a Change of Command ceremony Friday morning.  But alas,… no.  In they went last night.  Then they were supposed to be off tonight so they would be there for the ceremony itself.  Again, no.  I got to wake up Soldier Daddy for that little tidbit!!  :p  So, in he goes again tonight AND they are working the shift through the weekend, the weekend that was SUPPOSED to be their last one off for awhile!  Gotta love the Army life, huh?

But it is what it is and it is how it goes.  We joke about it, figuring that it keeps from driving each other insane!  Seriously, it makes the time we do get together more appreciated and we take it far less for granted than we used to.  It sounds bizarre, I know, but we really believe that the time spent apart keeps us together.  We are both strong, very different personalities and it keeps us from annoying each other TOO much.  And, really, what good does it do to get upset about it, to stress over it?  It won’t change anything and it isn’t going to solve anything if we cop a ‘tude about it.  Yeah, sometimes it sucks, but it isn’t the end of the world either.  Plus, and this is important,…  it means I get to watch what I want on TV AND I get the bed to myself!  <3



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