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Monday came too soon,…

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High school at 40,…
It amazes me sometimes how much capacity for high school drama grown women can have.  I have enough stress in my every day life without creating more of it.  It makes it hard for you to trust people, to have close friends, when lying and backstabbing and drama seem to be the normal thing.  I just don’t get what the point is.  It’s just negative energy that feeds on itself and affects everyone around them.  And what purpose does it serve, other than to alienate everyone around you?  I think it is just the lies that bother me.  I don’t care about the choices they make;  they are theirs to make and theirs to live with.  But take ownership for it; don’t lie and backstab those around you.  If you have issues with the choices that you made, then deal with it.  That’s part of being an adult, taking responsibility for the choices you make.

Kreative Journal is a new journaling blog, full of prompts and blogging ideas, and the questions asked as prompts aren’t your normal “memey” kind!  They are also on Facebook and Twitter.  So I thought I would give it a whirl!

Prompt #1:  Pick a value such as happiness, honesty, courage, humility, fairness. Describe it and how your feelings about it were inspired.

Honesty has always been a big one for me.  I think I have come to value it more and more as I have gotten older and more jaded.  I think there comes a point when you get burned by one too many people and that forever changes your ability to trust in the honesty in others.

Prompt #2:  Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? Explain why.

Most of the time, I am the eternal optimist, annoyingly so.  But there are definately times that I am a pessimist, especially over situations that seem to happen over and over again.  Frustration with the neverending circumstances makes it very difficult to be anything BUT pessimistic.  But I really don’t like feeling pessimistic because it’s just plain draining.

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One response to “Monday came too soon,…

  1. Love it. Well said, being negative all the time is draining. Honesty is a concrete value .. w/o there’s nothing of any worth. Keep writing mama, it’s good for your soul. Besides, I don’t wanna have to bail you out of jail. *hugs*


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