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From a friend, a bit of an OBL vent,…

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The following post was not written by me, but by a soldier and a friend, Jason Poor.  He is an active duty soldier, having done his time in multiple deployments since 9-11.  He used to be stationed with my husband, and my husband still laments that he is no longer here because it meant that he had to deploy without Jason!

In this post, he has managed to express everything I have felt and thought for days.  Generally I am a pretty good writer and able to get my feelings and points across in a logical, calm, respectful, and relatively politically correct manner.  Because of the latter, I haven’t really been able to find the words to do that.  While Jason’s writing is a little more inflammatory than my own, the basic concept is the same and he was able to say what I haven’t.  So, with his permission, I post it.

For all of you childish, seemingly ‘know-it-alls’, you need to grow up and do a bit of research into the government and systems that you ignorantly accost! The Supreme Court would have never allowed Mr. Obama to apply for presidency let alone hold office if he did not hold a valid birth certificate. Don’t you think there are more pressing and important issues to discuss?

There is: the death of OBL! Get over the childish and false-patriotic need to see pictures to satisfy some unnecessary, and morbid void. As a Soldier that deployed twice in defense of our nation and equally, to the defense of the Afghanistan people, you would think that the people threatened by ‘not getting paid’ would be me and my lot. However, it is not. I fully understand the Mr. Obama was the person accusing CONGRESS of petty qualms and it was CONGRESS that could not settle on a budget plan until the last minute. Do you honestly think that the Commander in Chief, the one person who’s career hinges on public critique, would think it wise to with-hold pay for anyone, military included? Please know the facts before you start blaming one person. Maybe it is us who should be looking at how WE spend money and how WE as citizens, serve our country and fellow countrymen and women!

I really think that the continuation of all of the rhetoric and conspiracy theories is doing nothing more than inciting more hate and anger than is necessary.  How does it promote working together for change and strengthening of the the things that need it?  I have also noticed that a good bit of it is coming from no base of actual knowledge or understanding of the things that go on behind the scenes.  Like tearing apart a military operation without having an real clue of all that goes into a single operation.  There is so much more to covert ops than a small group of Seals.  There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, and those things take time.

I understand that we each have the right to our own opinions, but sometimes it seems as though that is only allowed if you agree.  I firmly believe that our beliefs and opinions are based on our life experiences and the knowledge that they have gained along the way.  My beliefs and opinions come with age, 23+ years in and around the Army as both a soldier and as a wife, working as an intel soldier, and so many other experiences.  I did my time in boots, a lot of time, so I guess I feel like I have earned my right to have formed my own opinions.  I have been called stupid, ignorant, and trashed for my opinions, even sent horrible, vicious emails.

I realize that maybe my opinions or beliefs don’t jive with other military wives sometimes, and that’s okay.  That’s the soldier in me.  I realize that there seems to be a bit of a Conservative Republican stereotype among veterans, and I am neither.  And that is okay, too.  That’s the beauty of it.  I don’t have to fit anyone else’s definition.  You don’t have to agree with me or understand my point of view, but respect my right to have it.




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