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Can’t we all just get along,…

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I am so ridiculously sick of being harrassed and threatened and warned, just because of the things I feel or believe in and have the apparent audacity to verbalize.  I guess I feel that I am a big girl, I can feel however I want without recrimination.  Disagree with me all you want, argue with me all you want; that’s the beauty of our lives here.  We can do that, and should do that.  That’s how you learn, how you evolve, how things change.  But we are all adults, at least chronologically, so is it really too much to expect some open-mindedness, common courtesy, and respect for and from one another?  Dissenting opinions are going to happen.  People come at things from all different places in life.  We all have our own life experiences, and we all have knowledge picked up from a thousand different sources.  So people are going to disagree with you.  Get over it.  It’s okay.  Ripping another apart over it isn’t going to do anything to make them change their minds.  All it does is take away any intellectual credibility you might have had.

I’m done with the nasty anonymous emails.  Have the guts to stand behind your words and use a name because otherwise, you are just a coward.  Staying anonymous only shows me one thing,… that you are fully aware that you are behaving badly.  Sending wishes that my husband be killed in action while he’s in Afghanistan?  That is just classless and ignorant and shows what kind of person you really are.

I am done with being told how to feel, what I should believe, or what I can say.  I have earned my right to feel, believe and say what I want.  Just like you have.  Don’t threaten me with your friendship because real friends could agree to disagree.  I don’t need to be told what I can and can’t say on my own blog or social media.  I am not inflammatory in language, so if you can’t handle it, that’s your choice, but don’t use our friendship as a weapon to control and censor me.

I’ve listened and read so many different opinions over the past few days and the ones that stick out are the ones that don’t need judgements and nastiness to get the point across.  True, many of those, I still don’t agree with, but they have good points and I can understand their views a little better.  And sometimes those points make me rethink my own position and realize that they might be onto something.  That’s called open-mindedness, people.  Their lives and knowledge have just led them to a different place than my own has.  And that’s perfectly okay.

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11 responses to “Can’t we all just get along,…

  1. Chelly

    I really hate close-minded people. They are sad people who will never grow socially or intellectually. People who wish the death of a husband and father, is a person that has never know true, soul-to-soul love. People who are anonymous are just children that do not have the courage to back their own words. Shrug them off or send them my way. They are people that don’t deserve the right to even talk to you.

  2. Kate

    People that hide behind a computer to insult, threaten, and wish harm are childish and ignorant. It is really sad when someone that has fought and risked her life and that lives with the day to day fear for a loved one doesn’t seem to be able to exercise one of the fundamental rights being fought to have. My thoughts are with you and your family, especially Soldier Daddy, keep your chin up Kim, closed minded people are a dime a dozen in that town and none of them are worth their salt.

  3. How awful and how are they even finding your posts? This just goes to show (and I hate to get political about it), but how closed-minded some people are and how the ultra-conservative, far right “Christians” and so judgmental that they would actually wish someone dead and still call themselves “Christians”. Maybe if they watched something other than Faux News, listened to someone other than Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, Palin and Beck, they would see it.

    I find it amusing how someone in the middle or to the left, their opinions don’t count for squat. I’ve been dealing with this politically for the past 5 years. There is only one way and it’s the right way.

    Love ya baby and keep being who you are. The scum will rise to the top, always does.

  4. And that’s what’s interesting, I am not getting the nastiness in comments on here. I am getting it via email and through anon accounts on Facebook. And since much of both reference specific things I have said on FB, I know that it has to be a “friend” due to my security settings there.

    Surprisingly, it apparently isn’t too hard to pick up my blog in searches, as I have been contacted twice by news agencies wanting to quote and reference my blog.

  5. Yup, blogs are easily picked up by terms “Googled”. Time to ferret through your “friends”. Is you wall open to “friends of friends”? I just ask because anon accounts you would have to friend to allow them to comment. I guess your email addy is listed under info also. I’d like to friend you on FB, please send a request to Deneen StAmour.


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