5.11.2011 | Wednesday

Snarky, snarky,…

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What is with all the snarkiness on Facebook lately?  I have seen more statuses advertising that they were going to delete friends and I just don’t get why that’s necessary.  Not the deleting part; delete away if that’s what you want to do.  But what’s with the need to advertise it first, especially when it’s in conjunction with snarky comments?  It just seems kind of mean-spirited, like they are rubbing it into those they are about to delete.  Why not just delete them if you are going to, and stop stirring up the drama?  Is it your intention to be hurtful?  I just don’t see what the point of that is.

And then these statuses informing their friends that if they see any more comments about <insert random topic>, then they are going to delete them, too.  Really?  You can’t just respect other people’s right to post what they want on their own account?  You can’t just skip on by like everyone else if you don’t want to read it?  I just find that to be kind of presumptious.  I mean, really, if it is that big a deal to you, delete me, but don’t threaten me with our friendship.  Seriously, people.  If you are truly friends, then I would hope you would be mature enough to accept one another.  And if you can’t, then I guess you aren’t really friends anyway.

It’s so easy for people to treat each other like crap when they are sitting behind the relative anonymity of a computer monitor.  It’s so easy to forget common courtesy.  I wonder if these same people would say the same things if they were face to face?

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