5.8.2011 | Sunday

To hell with “Mother’s Day”,…

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Apparently Mother’s Day is just another day to say “screw you” to me.  Not one of the three children still living here even remembered it was Mother’s Day until it was pointed out to them.  I didn’t even hear from the fourth until moments ago, although his friends wished me a happy day HOURS before he did.  But, hey, at least he remembered at some point.  Quel surprise for all of it.  No phone call from the husband, although at least he has being in a war zone as an excuse.  The constant sniping and whining today over the dumbest of things has touched off my last nerve.  It has been unbelievable today, worse than even usual.  Did they save it up just to make this day extra special?

With the exception of some brief sucking up after getting yelled at this morning for some incredible rudeness and self-centeredness, not one of them has even spoken to me all day, except to be rude, to nag me, or to ask for stuff.  I have been crying most of the day and I’m not even sure any of them have even noticed.  Yay for motherhood.

Yeah, I am pretty much done.  Once in awhile, it would be simply lovely to be celebrated instead of taken for granted, to come first.

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One response to “To hell with “Mother’s Day”,…

  1. Another reason I don’t care for “holidays”. I did get a card and some handmade cards, but the handmade came after an attitude problem the night before and I went ballistic, so I can’t be sure if they were sort of an apology or she did them ahead of time.


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