7.8.2011 | Friday

I don’t get paid enough for this BS.

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I swear sometimes that I must talk to my children in Swahili.  Or serious issues with English comprehension.  Or they are suffering from senility.  Maybe all three.  Dealing with various children yesterday and today have led me to think that conversing with drywall would have been far more engaging.  I am about to bash my head repeatedly against that same drywall.  The simplest things seem to be beyond them.  I say something, they respond to it with some form of understanding, and by the time the complete the 180° turn to walk away,… it’s like I never spoke.  It’s small stuff, but it is literally happening nonstop to the point where I think I am going to lose my ever loosening grip on reality.  Sometimes I look at them and want to ask them if their brains are functioning at all, but that probably wouldn’t be very nice.

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