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A few of my favorite things,…

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I am so drained by all the pain and anger and betrayal running rampant these days, so this post is dedicated to exactly what the title says it is, things that make me dream, make me happy, make me smile!  Enjoy!  And don’t forget to click on the photos for more,…

A beautiful home on the shores of my beloved Hawaii makes me dream,…

A bargain at only $17,900,000!

Or how about a stay at this gorgeous place in the Australian rain forest,…

And it's only $400 to $500 a night!

The perfect reading room, in my favorite place,…

What could be more peaceful?

And a craft room that I would love to have,…

What I wouldn't give,...

I ♥ these lovelies!

Fun! I'd rock 'em while doing laundry!

Stay tuned for more favorite things!

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3 responses to “A few of my favorite things,…

  1. hello hun

    i am a first time visit here was actually out on the hunt for the meme you used to run Friday Fun when I came across your blog and so decided to stop for a few minutes and take a look around. I love your blog and I think I will be back to visit.

    Your photos are beautiful and they do make ya dream I wish I could stay in that luxurious place in the Australian Rainforest.

    Have a good week



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