7.25.2011 | Monday

At my wit’s end,… a rant!

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Clarifying note:  This is not about Soldier Daddy!

There are times when the struggle to be nice is almost more of a stress-inducing thing than it’s worth.  Especially when it involves being nice to a person who has done NOTHING to deserve it, and EVERYTHING to not deserve it.  The lies have gotten to the point of ridiculous and even offensive.  If you are going to lie, at least tell the same story to any and all that might have cause to talk to one another.  That cuts down on the chance that you may be busted.  Unless getting busted is your goal, it is also advisable to at least tell the same story to the same person every time you tell that story.  At this point, I have gotten about an average of 6 versions of each story, and there are any number of stories being told.

And the part that is offensive is the topics involved in some of the stories.  They are about heavy subjects THAT NEVER HAPPENED.  The lies have so overpowered that previous confessions are conveniently forgotten.  And posing like these things have happened to you is immensely offensive to someone who has, in fact, been through these things.

I have been lied to so many times, taken advantage of, and treated like crap that I just can’t take it anymore.  I am so frustrated that I could scream.  I feel my blood pressure rise every time I deal with them.  What it does to me is unhealthy, but, due to certain circumstances, I don’t feel like I can cut ties.  Which leaves me feeling boxed in and resentful as hell.

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