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Inner Journey: Day 2

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Today is Day 2 of the Beautiful Body Acceptance Inner Journey.  Yesterday's exercises kept me thinking, long after I posted my "homework".  Some of it is not at all easy to thik about or to even acknowledge to myself.  But it is making me realize just how much of my life it affects.  And I hate that.

Today's daily affirmation from Dominee:

The more that I love myself and my body, the more space I give for others to love and accept me as I am.

I don't think that there could be truer words.  So very true, but yet so hard to remember most of the time.

Today's journaling prompt…  What is the thing about your body that you like the least? What do you most like about your body? What makes you like it so much?

The first part is easy.  My butt, my hips, and my stomach, although my first instinct was to say "everything".  But that isn't really true.  There are other areas I may not love, but I don't hate them the way I do those areas.  What do I like most?  Either my boobs (yes, my boobs!) or my hair, which is usually pink and makes me smile.

The homework today is to make a list of all the reasons you love your body and to put it somwhere you will see it often.  I love this idea.  It makes you focus on the positive, and not the negative.  And that is the key to finding some peace in and about yourself.  And the accompanying blog post by Dominee should be read by everyone, not just someone on this Inner Journey!

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