9.16.2012 | Sunday

Inner Journey: Day 5

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Day 5 of the Beautiful Body Acceptance Inner Journey with Dominee of Blessing Manifesting!  

Today's daily affirmation is one I can't say with sincerity, but it is one I need to be able to say with all the sincerity in the world.  I love and respect my body. I take care of it and I give it what it needs.  I am not even close to it, but I am working on it.

Today's journaling prompt…  When was the first time you can ever remember feeling badly about your body? Do you still feel the same way about yourself?  I think everyone has moments of it, but the problem really started for me after I hurt my foot while I was still active duty.  I had surgery and was off of it for two months.  That was the beginning.  It wasn't long after I had my third child and I couldn't work out.  My foot has never been right since, a permanent issue, and it makes good exercise hard.  But that isn't the sum total of how I got where I am.  I had another child,, but even that didn't do it.  It was after he was born.  I was on chemo off and on for several years and I put on a ton of weight.  More injuries, more illnesses, just one thing after another.  It is frustrating because I haven't been able to heal from one thing before another hits.  All of this combined with one emotionally charged event after another in my personal life and it has left me feeling somewhat defeated.  And the feelings have only gotten worse over time.  But I am working my way out of it!

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