9.15.2012 | Saturday

Inner Journey: Day 4

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Today is Day 4 of the Beautiful Body Acceptance Inner Journey with Dominee of Blessing Manifesting!  

The daily affirmation for today is a hard one for me…  Today I make decisions that are for the well-being of my body. I will feel good about my choices for today.  Being in a state of limbo with none of our household goods, it is hard to really do this.  We have no pots and pans, no dishes, no nothing.  So trying to eat well is just not happening at the moment.  I get my stuff Tuesday, so hopefully that can soon change.  But my issues aren't really food-related anyway.

Today's journaling prompt…  Do you believe that your weight or the shape of your body is a very important part of who you are?  I would love to say no, but it would be a lie.  The thing is, I don't really judge others based on their shape or size, but I definitely do judge myself.  Do I think it is the most important thing about me?  No, absolutely not, but it most definitely affects how I feel about myself.  I hate the way I look.  I hate the way it makes me feel and I hate that it affects me as much as it does.

Today's homework was great!  For every negative comment  I made about myself, I had to follow it with something positive.  I never realized how many negative thoughts I have in a day about myself.  When I realized that I thought far more negative things than I had good to follow it up with, it was sobering.  That is just ridiculous.  An excellent lesson and a light bulb moment for me.


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