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From the shadows to the light

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This is the first card I drew from my new deck of oracle cards, the Oracle of Shadows & Light.  And if this card is any indication of how this deck is going to work for me, I am on the right path.  I couldn't have picked a more needed card for myself today.  The Violet Angel and her message…

Breaking Dawn

No, it isn't a Twilight reference, I promise!  The Violet Angel is a sign that something new is on its way, there to help you to discover what that is.  She is a sign that a change that you want or need is coming, and that you need to be ready and open to accept it.  No matter how lost you feel, the worst is over and change, good change, is on its way to you.  It may not be right around the corner, but it is there, coming to you.  And when it comes, you will feel reconnected to yourself, your spirit, your spark.  

The Violet Angel is about hope.  Hope that it won't always be like this.  Hope that change is coming.  She is about optimism and renewed spirit.  

She is exactly what I needed this morning, after a string of bad times.  I am truly at a point where I just want to give up.  I have been feeling pretty worthless lately, hopeless.  It's made me want to to give up on just about everything, including school and my writing.  I am in a place where I see no sign of change, no sign that anything will ever be different.  Does this card change everything for me?  No, not entirely.  But it does give me some hope that I didn't have before, a sign that maybe it can be different.  




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One response to “From the shadows to the light

  1. ((hugs)) You are definitely not worthless. You just had a very stressful move, it seemed like there were a lot of problems leading up to it and you need some re-adjustment time, time to move away from the mojo that all that stress creates. It's just a matter of waiting it out, allowing yourself to re-adjust, and finding your stride again. 


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