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Fun stuff (and free!)

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Way back in January, I got my first VoxBox from Influenster.  I had never heard of them until my friend Sarah started posting about them on her Facebook page.  Totally curious, I checked them out.  

Influenster is basically based on word of mouth marketing and focus grouping via blogs and vlogs.  They are free to join and, once you do, you fill out a variety of surveys to help them match you up with different campaigns that meet your interests.  Some of the surveys are mandatory to fit you demographically.  Others are not mandatory, but they help boost your "Influenster" score with participation, helping you to qualify for more campaigns.  When the new campaigns come up, Influenster invites you to quality, based on your demographics, by giving you a series of tasks to complete.  Once you quality and are accepted for a campaign, Influenster sends you a VoxBox, full of all kinds of products.  Many of them are full-size and all of them are free.  The only requirement is that you review them via vlog, blog, or on their site.  The more you network, the more your "influence" grows and you get all kinds of free stuff to try!

In my last box, I got all kinds of goodies.  Just a few of the things… 2 full-size bars of SoftScrub coconut scented soap, full-size facial masks (by one of my favorite brands), Broadway Nails press-ons, a few different snacky type things, a full-size lip gloss (which I LOVED), and some other stuff, too.

So go check out some Influenster!

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