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Faeries in my future

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Today is a big day in my world.  It is registration day for next semester and, of course, it is Election Day.  I have registered for 4 classes, although I may need to add another.  Then there is the question of financial aid.  Will I still be eligible if I find out that I need to move to Switzerland… depending on election results, of course?!  I jest… mostly.  I voted absentee so only time will tell how everyone else voted, too.

No thanks to my advisor, who I haven't been able to get ahold of since JUNE, I am registered.  However, there is a particular 2-credit workshop I am supposed to register for, but I need her input in order to do so.  So that is an issue that I am in limbo over, which does not appeal to the stress-filled side of me.  But the classes I am taking totally jazz me.  I am taking another religious studies class, an elective for my Cultural Studies major.  It's a 400-level, Religious Thought in World Perspective, with the same professor I had 1st semester for Intro to Religious Studies.  He was awesome, so I am hoping that my registration in his section holds.  I am also taking another 400-level writing class, Creative Nonfiction, with the same professor I had 1st semester for College Writing.  He, too, was fabulous and I learned a lot from him.  But the crowning jewels of next semester are the two writing/literature classes I am taking in my major's concentration, both with the same professor and both independent study.  The Faerie Realm in Folklore and Literature and Women of Faerie.  

That's the ironic downside of being back in school full-time on top of Domestic Goddesshood.  I have very little time to do what I love… write.  Creatively, that is.  Papers, while interesting, just don't counnt, nor do they nourish my soul.  But I will get a lot of that next semester with three writing classes.  I took a creative writing class last spring semester and the things I wrote, although short stories, have given rise to a couple of potential WIPs.  I am a big believer in learning all kinds of writing, that there is something to be gained from all of it.  I worked as a tech writer, both in the Army and for Corning Glass Works, and even that has something to offer.  In that vein, I chose to take the creative nonfiction class.  I am going to be doing a bit of writing in the future for a variety of publications, to include Wild Sister Magazine in the February issue, so I feel like that is going to be a great class to have under my belt.

I'm excited!  

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  1. Heather

    Those two classes involving Faeries sound like so much fun! I am very jealous of you atm lol. I am sorry your advisor has gone MIA, is there anyway you can get ahold of a different advisor? 


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