4.9.2013 | Tuesday

Tryin’ to get my learnin’ on…

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I have never in my life tried so hard to learn something in my life and it is frustrating as hell.  Before this semester, I was so looking forward to my two independent study classes, Women of Faerie and The Faerie Realm in Folklore and Literature, both taught by the same professor.  I registered for them last November and, as is the rule for IS classes, I immediately emailed the professor for reading lists and learning contracts.  Nothing.  We are supposed to receive these things no later than 10 days prior to the start of the semester, which began the 22nd of January.  I finally got a tentative learning contract with a tentative reading list four days before classes started.  No real guidance on the assignments for the class and nothing at all for the second class.  I tried to get a hold of her again and never got an answer until mid-February.  Still no guidance on the assignments and nothing for the other class.  I had to get my mentor involved and the woman finally got in contact with me at the beginning of March.  I got a half-assed excuse as to why she dissed her responsibilities for half the semester.  By the end of the conversation, I had little more guidance than before it.  I basically had to make up my own assignments for the Folklore class and her input was a bunch of wishy washy “you could do this” and ” you could do that” and not much else.  Still nothing on the other class other than saying that some of it could overlap with the Folklore class.  What the effing hell?  Who is the teacher here?  I finally took the bull by the horns and told her I would email her a list of ideas for assignments, which I did a couple days later.  It was another week and a half before she got back to me, mid-March, with zero guidance and telling me my ideas looked good.  Mind you, at this point we were in the middle of week 9 of 15, more than half the semester gone.  And I still have no learning contract for the Women class.  There is no possible way I can get this all done by the end of the semester, not without trashing my 3.97 GPA.  So I asked for an extension.  It’s been over a week and I have still heard nothing.  I went to my mentor and she is having to hook me up today.  We are in week 11 and I have 4 weeks to go.  This is unacceptable.  This is a high-level college class.  I am trying to do the work, to learn something.  And I can’t get anywhere with it.  It sure as hell isn’t because I am trying to get out of anything.  I bust my ass for school.  Just ask my kids and my husband.  I work hard.  There is no excuse for a professor to act like this.  And I sure as hell don’t need the stress!

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