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Crafty Witch and Pseudo-Hermione

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The Crafty Witch

I spent part of yesterday afternoon updating PDFs for my own crochet designs, offered here as well, and setting up a Ravelry store.  All of my goodies are free, at least so far.  I found a couple of great Ravelry plugins for my site, too, in my side bar.  One (Ravelry Goodies) shows my WIP and my most recents finished projects, all linked with the name of the pattern and to their page on my queue.  The other one (My Ravelry Designs) is a list of my current designs offered in my shop with numbers on the representing how many projects have been done using that pattern.  You can click on the buttons to go to their page in my shop, even if you aren't a member.  I just added the Mestastic Poncho last night and when I logged in this morning, it already had 5 favorites!  I am working on a few more that will be up eventually, too.  

If anyone is on Ravelry, add me!  I'm Crochet Witch!

On the same link above, I have sewing patterns and tutorials, too.  I added one for my favorite T-shirt recon and I have a couple more I am working on that will be added soon, I hope!


School started Monday and it is going to be a long, but fun, semester!!  My Studies in Folklore class, an advanced level independent study, is hardcore.  A crap ton of reading, currently about the ancient Egyptiona, Canaanite, Israelite, and Akkadian literature… just to name a little bit!  My Race & Romance class is sorted into 3 modules, each with a different theme.  The whole objective is to study the significance of race in the genre, especially in interracial relationships.  It explores the stereotypes and how they are touched on in romantic fiction and how that creates conflict.  Each mod uses two novels and a series of academic/scholarly articles and I love it.  This mod explores, Asian/white, the next black/white and Middle Eastern/white, and the last is a spin-off from race, or at least and extension of it.  I am reading a zombie/humman novel and a vampire/human novel!  Gotta love that kind of reading list!  My Writer's Craft course is going to be pretty awesome, too.  I had to pick 5 books from a list, all on different aspects of writing.  There were some on subjects I never thought of in relation to writing so I picked a couple of those, too, to work with.  My Mythology and Modern Life class is pretty fascinating, too.  It's all about how mythology (true myths, old wives' tales, etc.) are a part of modern culture and what role/significance they have.  I gotta love a class which has as a part of the video component the assignment of watching The Book of Eli!  I heart Denzl Washington!

The down side is that my school has moved from Angel learning platform to Moodlerooms (Moodle with additions from Joule).  I love Moodle, but there have been some bugs with the transfer.  I have to take a workshop with my mentor and I still have no access to the class and neither of us can figure out why.  She is supposed to have the ability to add me manually, but that isn't working.  I was supposed to have acess as of the 3rd and still nothing.  I am also a Course Assistant for two sections of algebra and no access to that either.  Apparently when the designers set it up, they forgot to incorporate the "course assistant" role with the "student" and "instructor" roles, all having to do with levels of access.

Another issue I have noticed has to do with links within the courses to pages/files/documents being broken.  Each section of each course in each term on Moodlle is it's own "file drawer" of information, with its own URL structures.  An instructor can copy and paste the course to another section/term, but all those internal links have to be modified to reflect the new "file drawer."  My mythology class is full of that.  You can still find the necessary linked items, but you really have to search for it through a different way of navigating.  This thing is brand new and most people aren't finding them, which is a giant pain in the butt.

But I love being back in school and the distraction it gives me!

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