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30 Days of Lists: Day 1-3

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This is my first time doing 30 Days of Lists, and I love it!  It is a great way to journal a little when my time is limited and I get to play with my creativity, too.  There is a private Facebook group that is a part of the registration and it has been a lot of fun reading others’ lists and seeiing the creative ways people interpret the project.  Right now I am doing it digitally, but I think that I will probably redo them and bind them later.

I did all of these 600×800 pixels.  This is equivalent to 3″x4″ cards, the same size as standard index cards.  My plan is to get a 6″x6″ paper pack in a winter/holiday theme and recreate these and bind them.  Unfortunately, that is going to have to wait until AFTER the semester is over!

Here are my lists, with credits.  Each of them is clickable to see the full image in a new window.

D14 List 1 - It's Blank Season

Credit:  Peppermint Twist kit designed by Kathy Winters Designs, purchased at Ginger Scraps, (no longer available)


There is so much I usually love about the season, not the least of which are the decorations.  I love my squishy snowman that I can have out even after the tree comes down.  I love living here in the desert, but I will admit that I miss the snow, especially for the holidays.  But I love the movies, the snuggling, the lattes and the hot chocolate, and just being with my kids and my hubby.

D14 List 2 - It's too early for

Credit:  Holly Jolly collab kit, purchased at Ginger Scraps


Army life starts WAY too early.  0445 is way too early to get up if you aren’t getting paid for it.  And I am not, not anymore.  I don’t wear the camou anymore, but I still keep the hours.  I wake up Soldier Daddy at 0445 every day that he is on days.  But even without him, I am up by 0500 to wake up Ka’lani for school.  And then there is my daily workout, just like my Army days and PT before dawn.  Shakeology and coffee have to do their job to get me studying and writing!!

This one wasn’t as December- or holiday-related for me, but I liked the kit!

D14 List 3 - Photos to take this month

Credit:  B Merry kit designed by Cornelia Design, purchased at Ginger Scraps


My poor iPhone is overloaded with photos on a daily basis, even worse during the holidays!!

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