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30 Days of Lists: Day 4

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Today’s list made me a bit homesick.  :(  It’s all about friends and family, most of which are nowhere near me!  My family is all in northern New York, a bit of a commute from southern Arizona.  My friends, as is the norm in an Army life, are spread all over the world.  Facebook is what keeps us together most of the time.  So I changed the prompt a little bit, changing it to friends and family that I want to see, even if I won’t get to.

And this year, it is particularly sad.  There is so much going on with my family back home and I feel so powerless being away from it.  My dad’s cancer is aggressive and he is just in the beginning stages of treatment.  My brother had a bad accident on Thanksgiving.  My stepdad had a bad fall Tuesday that had him transported from the local hospital to the university hospital downstate.  The last four months have been tough ones for my family.  Hell, the last few years have been pretty rough.

Trying to stay positive seems like an insurmountable goal at the moment!  But this project, even today’s installment, gives me something more positive to think about and I need that!  So here is today’s, clickable to see full-size in a new window,

D14 List 4 - Friends and Family I get to see this month

Credit:  Dear Santa kit by Colies Corner, purchased at Ginger Scraps


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