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30 Days of Lists: Day 5

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Today’s list was about changes, about reflection.  And this prompt is exactly why I am glad I am doing this project.  I have been so mired in the pain and stress of everything that has been going on in my life that it made me take the time and really think about the positive changes that have happened over the last year.

Sometimes it seems like the last several years have really been not much more than never ending sorrow, loss, and stress.  We lost my grandmother, Corey’s dad, our baby Mia last year.  My health has been up and down and all over the place.  My dad’s cancer was a huge blow and my brother’s accident terrified me.  He is lucky to be alive and I am so grateful for that.  And now my stepdad is in the hospital and not doing well, with no prognosis yet.  And, although last on the list, have been my struggles with my university.  Spending 4 years and pulling a 3.97 GPA and still getting screwed out of one of my degrees when I graduate in May still wears at me.  It is sometimes hard to see beyound all of that, especially when it comes one thing after another.

But there are good things, too.  Positive changes that I needed to make for myself.  Somewhere along the line, I basically lost my own identity, outside of being a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter.  I have been so busy taking care of everyone and everything eles that I forgot to take care of myself.  Being unhealthy and injured hasn’t helped.  But I woke up one day and said to hell with that, too sick of how I felt about myself and how I looked and physically felt.  It’s a journey, but it is happening!

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D14 List 5 - Changes I made in 2014

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