4.21.2021 | Wednesday

Gone, and Back Again

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It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged regularly. Other than a few posts here and there, it’s been seven years. Why so long? Honestly, life just got in the way. Something had to give for me, and blogging one of those things. But I’ve missed it. It was always a part of my (almost) everyday routine, and I regret letting it slip away. Back in a day, I loved going from blog to blog, taking part in blog events. I met some great people that way, many of whom I’m still friends with. I’ve kept up with most of them through Facebook, but it’s just not the same!

Work has taken up a lot of my time. Writing, working as an editor, freelancing… all of it takes time. And when I began to get serious about writing, I never realized how much there is to it beyond the actual writing. I didn’t realize how much time I was going to need just to market myself. Social media is great for a writer, getting your stuff out there, but it also is a time suck. It takes so much time to create fresh content to keep readers engaged and interested. And I’ve learned something about myself in the process. I SUCK AT SELF-PROMOTION. I hate it. Like to the depths of my soul. It feels arrogant and pushy to me, even though I realize it’s necessary. Have I mentioned that I hate it? And I don’t think that’s gonna change!

To be honest, I think after losing my baby girl in 2013, then everything I went through with my parents (You can read about all of that here and then here.), I just couldn’t handle it. I distanced myself from a lot of things because I didn’t want to feel the hurt. I couldn’t. My blog was always therapeutic for me, the place where I worked my sh*t out, but I couldn’t deal with that. So I filled my time with everything else. To the point where there wasn’t much left. I had to always be doing something. I’ve never been great at relaxing, but I’ve taken it to new levels.

So I’m trying to change that. I’m trying to find my way back to the things I enjoy, trying to clear my plate a little so I can live life instead of just coasting by.

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